FM Synthesizer VST

Classic game sounds in VST form. As heard in late 80s / early 90s sound cards. Powered by DOSBox emulation.

Latest release

SBI preset files included in Windows release.



I'm on Windows, but the code builds on OSX (XCode) and Linux. Give back by building when new versions are released.


Increase everyone's fun. Rip from your favourite DOS games or export from the plugin itself with one click. No excuses!

Bug fixes and reports

There are a lot of combinations of operating system and software. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Credits, thanks and links

  • Ken Silverman, who wrote the original OPL emulation code back in 1998!
  • The DOSBox team, for their amazing work.
  • Jeff Russ, for his time and effort to get it building under OSX, and for building multiple releases.
  • Trylle, who kindly stopped by to fix some issues and add features.
  • Litaniast, who contributed a bunch of SBI presets (now included in release).
  • Jeremy Penner, who figured out the cause of a long standing bug.
  • Julian Storer, creator of the excellent Juce C++ framework which helps makes this possible.
  • The folks at shikadi.net, who maintain a great wiki on reverse engineering DOS games. Includes details of the SBI format, and useful utilities for extracting instruments and music.
  • OPLX, full of OPL programming documentation and a bunch of old-school DOS utilities.
  • Bobby Prince, composer of the original Doom soundtrack.
  • Bedroom Producer's Blog. We're in the top 50 free VST list.
  • Producer Spot. Top 10 free synth plugins for 2015.
  • Icon. Nice review (in Japanese) by this music/art/tech culture site.
  • Scott Lander. Top 10 free plugins for better bass, apparently.
  • Dune 2 soundtrack recreated in FL Studio by Mihai, who contributed the presets as SBI files.
  • A short demo of some classic FM sounds, showing how settings affect the sound.
  • Some nifty original dungeon music created for a game by Christina Antoinette Neofotistou.